Respect Mohajirs for the Sake of Pakistan

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I could not witness the scenario of  1947 when my land of holly cows Pakistan emerged as an independent nation on world map and a historical migration of sacrifice riddled with bloodshed took place by that ethnic group who was leaving its own land, cultural identity and relevancy for a n unknown and undecided destination in the name of Muslim brotherhood and tagline.

I have heard and read the story and dilemma of migrated Muslims through our elders and syllabus books or history but I could not feel it well as my ancestors were not from that clan of immigrants. I am from a strong tribal Abbasi family and I am always proud to be a Pakistan and now when i entered in the era of 2012 with social media and technological revolution I got a new level of thinking and insight that today my Pakistan is so strong, independent, progressive, we all in this Pakistan enjoy politics, business and many many things.

But all linguistic, ethnic, cultural, political and ruling elites forgot that if all of us enjoying this very free and safe land of Pakistan that is because of that great sacrifice of the ancestors of Mohajir community mainly Urdu speaking.

I do not know following by my this philosophy how many of my own ‘Sons of Soil” or so called real Pakistanis would get angry of me or would deny my statement but i do not care of this, what I hve realized in this century that my Pakistan i only of Urdu speaking Mohajirs not because of my clan fellows or other so my request, appeal and vrersion is that  RESPECT, LOVE & SAVE MOHAJIRS TO SAVE OUR PAKISTAN,



MQM is best among all other parties

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MQM is the only political party in Pakistan which was transformed from a student political group APMSO and Quaid-e-Tehreek Mohataram Janab Altaf Hussain Bhai, Quaid-e-Tehreek Mohataram Janab Altaf Hussain Bhai was only 25 years old university student. At the age of 34 he gave the ideology of” Practicalism/Realism” to the youth and the two elected mayors to Karachi and Hyderabad. He set an example of rejecting the nepotism in the politics by never contested in the election as a leader rather sending the lower middle class workers of his party in the Parliament of Pakistan. In 1988 a 35 year old leader sent 12 MNAs in National and 26 MPAs in Sind Assembly Pakistan and set a fine example of a young leadership from middle class.

MQM is delivering the agenda to its voters for 30 year which PTI is promising for last 15 year but has failed to deliver. CDG of Karachi lead by Mustafa Kamal Bhai changed the face of Karachi and brought the raking of the city up on international level while the mayor was chosen one of the best mayors in the world. MQM believes in fighting with unjust , elite and feudal lords by contesting in the elections and facing them on the floor of parliament through a democratic process while PTI  has always cornered out with the democratic process by playing “ blame game“. These democratic processes are testing MQM for last 30 year in government or in opposition or through an unjustified army operation of 1992 which proves that MQM is a peaceful, democratic political party in Pakistan.

The menace of corruption is destroying Pakistan and PTI is raising the voice against this menace since beginning but the recent addition of Masood Khattak, Mian Azhar and Shah Mahmood Quraishi showed that PTI is choosing candidates from the corrupt, feudal and elite class for the leadership while ignoring the young supporters of PTI. This is another point which makes MQM superior than PTI because MQM has created the leadership from the grass root level instead of picking out corrupt and rejected faces from the other platforms.  Raza Haroon Bhai, Wasay Jalil Bhai, Haider Abbas Rizvi Bhai, Faisal Sabzwari Bhai and Izhar Hassan Bhai are the proven examples and the strong system of self-accountability from top to bottom keeps the corrupt politicians out of the party.

MQM has taken the positions from its inception which is never changed since the beginning. NRO, Kerry Lugar bill and Nizam-e-Adal bill in Parliament while on the ground not asking for a separate province, stands solid with the local Sindhis, policy of co-existence that resulted in alliances with PPP and PML(N) are some examples. MQM is taking its philosophy to all corners of Pakistan, and now it has representation in Gilgit and Kashmir and has its organizational structure in interior Sindh and Punjab. MQM has stayed away from single class politics and therefore it has from educated to uneducated supporters, from youngsters to old and from students to labor class supporters. Women support is also at greatest level and I consider myself a fine example of this.

نوجوان سیاستدان ایک خواب یا حقیقت

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“Tsunami” In Trouble!

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The severe allegations on Imran Khan`s Shoukat Khanum Hospital by PML-N not only astonished the common people, but also got the PTI into a big trouble. They were not expecting such perfect yorker from PML-N in return. Now, PTI seems to have gone in a defensive position. Let`s see whether it manages to save its middle stump or not.

Traditionally, the people of our country are used to the blame game that has become a part of our dirty politics. Principally speaking, such allegations have not importance unless the relevant evidences and proofs are produced in the courts. Thus legally, an accused is assumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty. So, all the charges on Imran Khan and his hospital from PML-N can just be considered a political point scoring until they are proved in the court of law. Unfortunately, PTI had also indulged itself in the same mudslinging like others.  Not only the PTI leadership, but also its supporters took a prominent lead in it. Now, PML-N is using the same weapon that PTI had adopted against it.

While responding to the allegations from the PML-N`s senator Muhahid Ullah in a talk show, the PTI`s Dr. Alvi said, “What you people are doing against SKMH especially in the month of Ramazan, is a sin”. The question is, maligning the PPP and PML-N leaders and all the people sitting in the parliament using the words “Kutta”, “Chor”, “Daku”, “Luterey”, “Corrupt” and “Dengue Brothers” by PTI chairman, was to please God? Was that not a violation of the teachings of Islam? How would the PTI leadership avoid such nonsense now?

A part of the allegations that have to be proved in the courts, one thing that Imran Khan and the CEO of the SKMH themselves have accepted and endorsed that the investment (whether it was generated or collected from within or outside the country) was made in the projects or companies being run outside Pakistan. This aspect carries more importance in the scenario where the PTI chairman Imran Khan had been not only severely criticizing the PPP and the PML-N leaders, but also even raising questions on their patriotism on having invested their money outside Pakistan. It was the PTI chairman who had been demanding them to take the money back.

Now, the question is, does this principle not apply to IK himself as well? Should he not have asked the management of the SKMH to bring back its investment to Pakistan to strengthen the deteriorating country`s economy? Now, should the IK`s patriotism not become questionable in the present case? This contradiction will surely affect his credibility.

Moreover, it is also interesting to note that PTI, from the beginning, has been claiming to consist of only “clean” people. Technically, the politicians who get convicted in the allegations on them, they legally get out of the politics. So, by “clean”, IK means the politicians who do not have any allegations against them. Now, after the severe allegations against him, does IK himself deserve to be called “clean” anymore? Now, what is the difference remaining between him and the other politicians?

We know that in the Pakistani elite-class politics, it is not easy for a new comer, especially without having a political back ground, to enter and survive here. But, it was the Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital that made possible the Imran Khan`s debut in the Pakistani politics. It was SKMH that provided a fertile ground for him. That is why IK and PTI used the SKMH as their base in the politics. All the PTI leaders, from the day one, had been quoting it as an example of a mile stone achieved by their leader in order to prove that IK would turn Pakistan into a true welfare state in the same way. But, after the PML-N`s allegations, PTI leaders look to be requesting for not involving the SKMH in the politics saying, “It is a welfare project with none of its business with the politics at all.” What a U-turn PTI is taking now! To tell the truth, it was not PML-N, but Khan Sahib himself who had dragged a purely welfare project into the politics. It was PTI who was cashing in on SKMH to gain political support. Now, they are paying the price for it.

Anyway, no matter these allegations are proved in the courts or they become an addition to the long list of the pending cases of all the other politicians including Mr. Zardari and Sharif Bros. But, they have definitely got “Tsunami” into a big trouble by badly denting the image of the only icon in PTI. It looks perhaps Imran Khan has lost the game now.

There’s something about Karachi!

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The majority of the people who don’t live in Karachi, thinks that entire city is under siege but the truth is that there are particular areas, where most of the killing happens daily. The lowest Targeted killing ratio is in the south region whereas the highest ratio is in the north.

Nearly around 20 million people are living in the city, from which those who are able to afford private security service prefer to have guards along, after which nearly 20 percent of business class carry licensed weapon for their safety and majority step out of the house on the hope that they would return home safe, but then again killing continues at the same time. City represents some sort a cemetery where densely populated areas, where at times it is difficult to find a parking space, turn into deserted ones. If riots break up or something happens in the city, everyone turn their television to know the Breaking News.

I personally have started to contemplate that Karachi has been turned into a living sepulchre; No one can predict how next hour here is going to be. Police and Rangers have failed constantly doing operations, Raids etc, but the problem never seems to curb and instead it seems to proliferate deep in the roots of the city. Coming to ‘Shoot on Sight’ orders, well frankly speaking, Additional IG should resign if the peace is not maintained in the city even after such orders, but one should not forget Sind Police follows the chemistry of Politics which makes it useless instead of being useful.

People complain for law and order situation, while police complains about not having hi-tech weapons and state-of-the-art technology. If you are entering in the city from Super Highway, then it does not matter whether you have CNG Cylinder or a nuclear bomb in your trunk because nobody will bother to check you politely. Make yourself comfortable and follow the rule”Live & Let die”. Disturbance would only affect Bikers and common people, instead of just checking them and letting them go, Police constable will bother the public by  asking for the Documents, CNIC, and the following questions;

  • Where you are coming from?
  • Where are you going?
  • Why are you going there?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you live?

And if you are one of the million boys in the city, then you are doomed, because next thing police fellow is going to say to you is ‘Chaye pani tu karado’. And Beware!! Because if you show any anger on their uncivilized manner or their worrisome and unnecessary time-consuming actions and questions, consider yourself a ‘target killer’!!! The only thing that Police in Karachi does is this that they come on the crime scene after the crime and start disturbing and bothering the ordinary man.

This uncivilized, insolent and unethical behavior of Police forges the commotion amongst the general public that the Sind Police has forgotten religion and what the orders of Islam are in this regard. Just bribe them or else prepare to face your worst nightmares. Since they have shoot at sight orders, bribery plays a leading role.

Blame game continues in Karachi while no one tells that who is behind this target killing.  3 Major political parties who are the stakeholders of Karachi are MQM, PPP and ANP respectively.

Karachi burns every time while no one at the federal level cares. This city has a story which no one wants to hear. Victimized by mafias and external elements. Innocent lives lost get reported as if it is not a big deal. To me at times it looks like Black Warrants are issued against invisible men, that’s why Rangers & Police always speak of unknown gunmen. Land mafia/grabbing have been a key issue since the radius of the city has increased. Hide & seek between Killers & Police carries on. The only solution which I am in favor is that Karachi be handed over to Army (Run the Anti-Virus)  only in safe mode ( Curfew ) it is possible to clean up Root Directory else, in normal mode ( Anti-Virus ) won’t be able to clean ( Trojan ) Virus. Invisible hands are controlling the city; hardly it gets normal for a week while target killing continues again. About target killing, what it seems to me is that Intelligence agencies have failed. Karachi badly needs air surveillance, which includes Petrology and Ambulance service. Police and the local area residents should coordinate and plan out the solution in which Rangers & Police must help Citizens instead bothering them otherwise the Final Resort is Army Operation or else I see a dark future of the city which was once known as The City of Lights.

Lawlessness and Use of Arms and Ammunition in the By-Elections 25-02-2012 – Deweaponization of Pakistan is the need to overcome bloodsheds in the upcoming General Elections

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On 25th February, 2012, in the process of bye-election held on 10th different constituencies countrywide, media showed countless clips regarding the lawlessness, fear and act of terrorism all around those constituencies. Jubilant supporters and workers were busy in fierce firing on many places, as if they are proud to do what is prohibited in the eyes of law and are against any social values or extents, whatsoever.


It has been noted with grave concerns that even in the era of democracy, we don’t stop claiming that we are going into the right direction, but can anybody (be honest to God) describe such brutality and lawlessness in the preceding eras even in the era of dictatorships.


Just imagine, these were only by-election, what would have happened if these were general elections.


It is hereby requested that concerned quarters like Government, Courts, Law Enforcement agencies (police, rangers, FCs) including Army, Media, Civil Society, Intellectuals and patriotic Pakistani should take immediate notice of this rotten state of minds and attitudes of those who took the law in their hands.


Recently MQM has wisely demanded that Nationwide De Weaponization should be adopted and enforced.


Not to forget that some parties (like for example anp, pml(n) and nationalists) whose workers were, recorded by Electronic Media,  involving in the firing and show of arms on the events of by-election held yesterday, were demanding that an operation only in Karachi to be held to deweaponize the Karachi City.


It is again proven that the demand of MQM to deweaponize Pakistan should be considered so that the Nation will not see such lawlessness in the General Election, which are expected to be held in the last quarter of this year.


And the party leaders of ANP and other parties offered their lip-services to condemn the acts of their own workers and nothing else. Now if the law enforcement agencies try to trace the culprits, their leaders will come to save their skins.


Is this what, the democracy is all about?

Is this what the poor, deprived and underprivileged people of Pakistan looking for?

قوم کی بیٹیاں!

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